We call it GAME (God And Me Eternally):

Sundays at 9am.
All kids are welcome, with Moms and Dads if you prefer!

GAME aims to be the best 80 minutes of your child’s week.

Teachers are trained and have an exiting curriculum that they teach from.
We cater for various ages:













Game training is offerred periodically for our teachers, this provides an excellent opportunity for parents to learn to teach their kids. Not all of us can be Sunday School teachers but all parents need to learn how to teach their children.

We also offer a social programme that ensures our children have fun at church as well as learning.

We have our own jumping castle and put it up once a month for the kids to enjoy.
Church needs to be a place of fellowship but also a place where parents and families feel welcome.

Christ’s love must be taught as well as shown to our children and we try our utmost to ensure our kids enjoy themselves as they learn from God’s word.