After a long day’s work, there is nothing better to kick back to a good movie, so join us for a screening of the movie, The Case for Christ, starting at 6PM, with dinner included. There is no better way to kick off the Easter weekend, than by watching a movie that shows us the reliability and the truth behind the death and resurrection of Jesus. RSVP below.

Why did Jesus need to die on the cross? A lot of us have heard this story of Jesus on the cross, but we’ve not really given much thought as to why this needed to happen. Join us for the first part in the story of The Hope of The World at 9AM on Good Friday! 

Join us for a Sunday morning Sunrise service which will take the form of a morning devotional and prayer, which will be followed by some pancakes and coffee! RSVP below.

Finally, join us for our Easter Sunday 9AM service! This will be a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, and the second part of the story of the Hope of the World! There will also be an exciting Easter Treasure hunt for the children!