After a long day’s work, there is nothing better than to come together and fellowship with one another. With dinner served, good company ad an evening under the stars, join us as we launch our Easter weekend as a Church Family. All guests and visitors welcome. RSVP below.

Why did Jesus need to die on the cross? A lot of us have heard this story of Jesus on the cross, but we’ve not really given much thought as to why this needed to happen. Join us for the first part in the great Story of Easter.

Join us for a Sunday morning Sunrise service which will take the form of a morning devotional and prayer, which will be followed by a light breakfast and coffee! RSVP below.

Finally, join us for our Easter Sunday 9AM service! This will be a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, and the second part of the story of Easter! There will also be an exciting Easter Treasure hunt for the children and adults!