Use these devotions to help you spend time in the Bible.

These devotions have been prepared to help you spend more time in God’s Word. Either download, print or view the lesson using the links below, then find a quiet place to enjoy these reflective studies.

Our Mission Statement

Christ Church Sandton exists to encourage people to come to faith in Jesus Christ and to then grow in relationship with him and with others.

We believe

The one and only true God exists in three equal and eternal persons – the Father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.
The Bible is God’s true and reliable word for us and when it is accurately taught, it will always prove to be relevant.
All people are morally and spiritually flawed (‘sin’ in Bible language) and we are born separated from God.
That God gives every Christian gifts to be used in serving Him and others, both within and outside His church.
After 3 days Jesus was raised from the grave, He then appeared to many eyewitnesses and ascended to heaven.
He will return in triumph to judge those who are alive then and all those who have died since the beginning of time.
God loves us and offers a new relationship with Himself if we will turn back to Him and trust in Jesus – He died on the cross as a substitute payment for the sins of all who trust in Him. God forgives all who believe in Jesus and becomes their Father. Together with every other Christian through history we are God’s family.
Heaven and hell are real and eternal and no alternative state exists.
All who repent and believe in Jesus will show evidence of this in a life of learning God’s Word in the Bible and then putting that into practice in every aspect of their lives. This will bring glory to God, benefit His church and grow us for God.
We are given just this life to know God and begin our relationship with Him.
We must make the most of it TODAY.