Church in a Covid-19 World.

What you can expect when coming back to Christ Church Sandton.

Church in Covid-19
We are so thankful to God for being able to begin to meet again after all this time!

We’ve been working hard to ensure that we’re compliant with the government’s guidelines, so that the building is safe for church members and so that we can feel as comfortable as possible about meeting each other again.

If you are not able to make it to church physically, or do not yet feel comfortable joining a larger gathering, please feel no pressure to attend. We will continue to produce online services for some time to come so you won’t be missing out.

So here’s what will happen

We are excited to re-open, but we will continue to be cautious and follow social distancing. As per government protocols, the number of people allowed to attend a religious gathering is currently limited.

  • To that end, we encourage you to reserve a seat at church in advance for you and your family.
  • Please click the button below to book a place.
  • You will receive an email reply within 24 hours from the church office either confirming your booking or notifying you that there is no available space for that service.
  • We will close registration for each week’s Sunday services at 5pm on the Thursday before, as we need time to prepare for you.

What will happen when you get to Church?

We will screen for any Covid-19 symptoms on the day as you arrive at the church.

  1. You will be required to wear a mask and practise social distancing.
  2. We will provide hand sanitiser to disinfect your hands before you enter the church building. Sanitiser will also be available in the restrooms.
  3. If, in advance of the service you feel unwell in any way, please do not come to the church as we will not be able to let you enter.
  4. Symptoms of Covid-19 are: fever, cough, sore throat, redness of eyes and shortness of breath/difficulty in breathing.
  5. Additional symptoms include body aches, loss of smell/taste, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fatigue and unusual weakness or tiredness.
    If you do begin to feel these symptoms while at the church, please immediately notify a member of staff for assistance.


There will be two services – 9am and 4.30pm.

The 9am will be an all-age service. Anyone is welcome to join either services, but we encourage families with young children to join the 9am service which will be more interactive and child-friendly.

Services will last no longer than 45 minutes.

To those over 60 OR if you have Co-morbidities

A co-morbidity is the presence of one or more medical conditions co-existing with a primary condition. In the context of COVID-19 it refers to existing chronic diseases that could put people at a higher risk of developing complications if they are infected with the Coronavirus. Examples of co-morbidities are diabetes or hypertension.

We encourage those over 60 or with co-morbidities to be cautious and not to take any unnecessary risks. If you determine that not attending services for the time being is the right decision, we support and encourage this. We will continue to produce our online services for the weeks ahead, in order that you might be able to share in our Sunday worship as closely as possible.

(Frequently asked Questions)

Why must I book in advance for a Sunday service?

At present, there are strict regulations as to how many people we can have at the church at any given time. A booking system helps us to follow these regulations and to keep track of who attends our services.

Is there a cut-off time to book for a Sunday service?

Yes, please register by 5pm on Thursday. This allows us time to prepare for Sunday services.

Do I need to bring a ticket or something like it to church?

No, we will have your group on our guest list when you enter.

Will there be set seating arrangements?

Yes, you will be seated with the rest of your family or household. There will be at least a distance of 1.5m between each household unit. We will let you know where exactly you will be sitting when you arrive.

What forms do I need to fill in?

There are two forms: the Contact Tracing Form and the Entry Screening Form.

You need to have filled in the Contact Tracing Form in advance. This will be emailed to you the very first time you book.
When you arrive at church, after your temperature has been taken, you need to fill in the Entry Screening Form. Please do not fill in this form in advance.

Can I get a paper copy of these forms?

No. We want to limit contamination with the use of pens and paper. The screening officer with assist you with a smart phone or a tablet (these will be sanitised before and after use) which you can use to fill in the forms online if you do not have your own smart phone.

What should I bring to church?

You will need a mask (that covers both your nose and mouth) and a Bible. While the reading will be available on screen, we will not have Bibles available, as current regulations prohibit sharing of objects.

Can I give a cash offering to the church?

At present, we are not accepting cash offerings for the safety of our staff and volunteers. We would deeply appreciate your continued support through online banking. If this is not an option for you, please continue to set aside what you intend to give to the church until we can accept cash offerings again.

Will online services stop now that the church is meeting in person again?

No – our online services will continue. While we are glad that we are able to meet in person, we are aware that there are those who remain cautious or who are unable to join us for services at the church, at least for the time being. While we do encourage attendance in-person, for the foreseeable future we will continue to produce our online services each week.

Will there be hand sanitiser?

Yes, we will require you to sanitise your hands, with sanitiser available as you enter our service and as you leave.

Will there be kids and youth programmes on a Sunday?

For now, kids and youth programmes won’t be running. This might mean a bit more noise in the service than we are used to, but children are a part of the church family. We are glad to have them join us in worship, and for them to get a taste of how you as their parents and other adults worship God together. We encourage families to join the 9am all-age service. Please also note that for now, anyone under the age of 18 needs to come with a parent or guardian.

What will coming into the church building look like?

We will keep our church doors open to prevent the need to touch any handles. As you arrive, we will have a socially distanced sign-in process.

At the gate, someone will greet you and check that you are on the guest list. You will then park your car and wait until a screening officer tells you to proceed to the entrance. If you came on foot, you can go straight to the entrance. Your temperature will be taken by the screening officer and you will have to fill in the Entry Screening Form either on your smart phone or one that is provided by the church. You will sanitise your hands before you proceed inside to find the chairs with your name on.

Please arrive a little before the service to allow for time for the sign-in process.

Why doesn’t the preacher/singer/service leader have a mask?

Current regulations exempt the preacher/singer/service leader from the requirement to wear a mask while undertaking their respective duties, particularly so that their voices aren’t muffled. They have to be at an increased distance of at least 2.5m to others while their mask is off and will put their masks on again as soon as they stop preaching, singing or leading.

Will there be singing?

There will be singing. However, masks must be kept on at all times.

What happens when the service ends?

There will be social time after the service (without refreshments), so please do feel free to chat to one another and encourage eachother in the truths of the Gospel. Remember that social distancing still applies!


Will there be tea and coffee after the service?

Unfortunately, at this time, we will not be serving tea and coffee following the service, due to the restrictions on socialising before and after services and to reduce the risk of transmission.